Evolution of our logo

The name “Baltria” is simply a name that we invented because no one word can describe what we do and how we do it.  Inspiration came from the “Baltic” Sea that Lithuania borders.

Version 1

First was the car on top of Baltria with the wheel 2005-2011: The car represented our International car business, and the wheel signified the turning of our 3 prong business in cars, real estate, and asset management.

Version 2

Next came the basic logo with wings 2011-2015: Baltria wanted to get away from the strong car image and move towards a more generic logo as we opened up a restaurant and family park, as well as the destination classic car location in St. Charles. This was a temporary logo used while the Baltria Coat of Arms was being developed. The wings were given to the “B” as Baltria really began to fly upward becoming a leader in our industry.

Current Version

Last came the image of Baltria we know of today:
1) The wheel signifying the birth of Baltria and the turning of our multi-prong business from the beginning.

2) The fox on the left represents our home base in the USA “St. Charles, Pride of the Fox”—(Logo of st. charles city fox is on our partners list)

3) The great wolf symbol on the right signifies our home base in Vilnius, Lithuania. Legend has it that the wolf came to a man’s dream in Lithuania telling him to build the great Capitol City we know of today, Vilnius.

4) One of the great treasures of Baltria is our Grand Old “Dvaras” loosely translated as “mansion” in Vilnius Lithuania. It is a 600 year old building with frescoes from the 16th century. The horses and sun you see in our shield are depicted on the grates covering the windows. The building is on Arkliu Gatve, or “Horses Street”. This fable image has a name, “Saule Zirgai”. These horses deliver the souls of people to the heavens. Baltria is honored to work with our partners, clients, and employees, delivering commerce worldwide.

5) The crown symbolizes the excellence and fairness we incorporate into our work culture resulting in many awards, satisfied customers, and great business relationships. The wings are also a reminder of our second logo and it’s representation.